Thursday, 11 June 2009

AutomationML and ISA88 Part 5

According to Wikipedia, AutomationML (Automation Markup Language) is a neutral data format based onXML for the storage and exchange of plant engineering information, which is provided as open standard. Goal of AutomationML is to interconnect the heterogeneous tool landscape of modern engineering tools in their different disciplines, e.g. mechanical plant engineering, electrical design, HMI development, PLC, robot control.
Now, this looks to me to be covering much of the same areas as ISA88 Part 5 is attempting to deal with, in fact possible more. I suggest that the people involved in Part 5 should spend some time investigating AutomationML.
AutomationML is clearly coming from the European side of the pond (ok mostly Germany), whereas Part 5 is largely from the USA side.
I would really like to see something that explains how they relate to each other and whether there are synergies or indeed if they are competing.