Monday, 18 February 2008

WBF S88 Papers

I am browsing through my large collection of papers presented at WBF conferences over the years. Google Desktop is a wonderful thing as it make it so easy to search them.

There are various types, many are very interesting, and would apply regardless of S88. Great, the WBF is not just S88.

There are also many that claim business benefits as a result of S88. As an engineer, that seems unexciting. For me it is a given that good engineering benefits business!
The most boring are those that claim X% saving here and Y% there, invariably with no evidence that would stand up to the kind of review that scientific work has to.

Some do extend our understanding in ways that are true S88.

But rare are papers that have anything other than positives to say the standard.

S88 did not come out of the blue - many successful systems had been designed according to what we now think of as S88 long before the standard was even in its early drafts. The German NE33 Standard was one of the feeds into S88 Part 1.

And some real problems occurred in the early stages of the standard, you only have to read the paper on CIP that was contributed to the (ancient) EBF - for demonstration imaginary plants, which incidentally, preceded the Part 5 Best Glue Plant by 10 years.

Most of the papers are written by - or at least presented by - people in managerial positions.

But I would really love to hear from people with experience from the Process Controller end - the programmers. So, if you are out there I would love to hear from you and about your experiences with S88 from the control code end.

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