Sunday, 2 March 2008

Standard Control System Objects

One thing that Part 5 seems to be aspiring to is to provide frameword for a common set of objects. By this I mean Devices, (primitives) and perhaps higher levels in the recipe independant physical model.

Yep that is possible, in fact there are already for example ISA templates for at least one aspect of that, Instrument Specifications.

And they are indeed useful. So why not extend them to other parts of the Physical model? Or to the functional aspects of these instruments? If you like, from the Object Oriented viewpoint, the ISA instrument specs define standard properties of Instrument Objects, can we extend them to cover their methods? Further, can we define a set of ISA classes for the physical model?

To a degree, this is what users have been doing with ControlDraw model classes - I think has given me some insight. One thing that is showing up is the difference between system specific classes and those that are just about the generic objects.

It seems though that the Part 5 writers have not understood yet.

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