Monday, 8 December 2008

The Next WBF topic

I see that the next WBF is dedicated to “Expanding the horizons of manufacturing”.
That leaves plenty of scope in North Carolina I guess. I was going to suggest "Manufacturing models for a Sustainable future", maybe for the the next one. Or perhaps it fits in with expanding out horizons, so I hope those who are currently working on their presentations for the North Carolina conference will consider the issues in their papers.
I know that we are in a global economic crisis, for maybe a few years. Economic models have long process lags. But the process I am talking about when I refer to the future is much slower moving. And it is one of the areas where those involved in manufacturing can help, from minimising energy consumption to using sustainable resources. Even a control module, such as an agitator or pump can be controlled in ways that save energy, higher up the levels more can be done. I am sure that the forum can find many people with great things to say on the topic.

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