Sunday, 14 September 2008

Download S88 Part 1

Yes, you can download the entire ISA-88 (S88) Part 1 standard for free, the original and best version.
- note - this has now disappeared 
I mention this because it is one of the most common searches on the controldraw web. Of course it is not there, it is not supposed to be free - though I think it should be.
I did not put it there, but someone (not me) has put a link on the Wikipedia S88 section. I found it just 2 clicks from Jim Cahill's blog - which is worth reading by the way.
So get it while you can.
Updated May 2011
Some Chinese person has now posted the standard here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Francis.


Francis said...

Thanks Anon, but there is really no need to thank me, thank Jim or the ISA's leaky systems or whoever put the link on Wikipedia.
You can of course with Wiki find who put it there, unless like you they are also anon, which I think is the case. It was not me, and in fact in the past I have reported to it to the ISA when I have found a copy on the web.
Actually as I have mentioned before S88 should I think be done using Wiki type technology with anyone free to conribute. It would be far more useful and would avoid the power of the clique (with their archaic methods) that is currently wasting so much time updating Part 1.

Jim Cahill said...

Francis, It certainly wasn't me who put (I assume) copyrighted material into Wikipedia.

I guess I'm not sure why I'm even mentioned in your post?


Francis said...

Not for a moment did I think you had put the link into the Wikipedia page, and sorry if you thought I was suggesting that. In fact you can see from the Wiki edits who put the link there, it was neither of us.
I mentioned you because I stumbled on it reading your blog so I recommended it.

ingearomero said...

Hi Francis, I need the standard but the link is not longer available. Could you send me it or redirect me to it, i f I give you my email?
Thank you
best regards