Sunday, 21 September 2008


Dave Chappell's blog reports that "much anticipated Technical report from Make2Pack"  is now available, on the Part 5 blog and indeed subscribers were sent a copy, which I have been perusing. 
It is a good document, but not a lot to do with S88. 
I did much more than lurk on the postings, I spent many hours reading drafts and making comments about it, to try to align it with the real Part 1, and I took to using the phrase ~Save the Batch during the debate. It got quite intense, and at one point I was told "Better keep looking over your shoulder …the S88 police are coming!" 
Needless to say that did not deflect me. 
I think that I changed it in several respects - challenge is essential.
I objected initially to calling a machine a Unit as in most respects machines are little more than control modules, albeit complex ones (but only internally, not for the recipe). 
I accepted that they could be called Units because each machine in a filling line might be processing a different batch, thanks Dennis for reminding me of that and the parallel with continuous processes.
I did not accept that terms such a unit procedure or phases should be used in the report, as they were originally, and they are not there now.

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