Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I am going to Australia again. I first went at the age of 1, in 1951, but returned to England in 1955. I think my mum found it particularly hard there.
Back then it was somewhat behind the times for a woman, especially one who considered herself (as she is) equal to men. But it may also have been something to do with the weather, and pining for the English countryside. And having small children.
My dad was a teacher and engineer, sadly he has gone, 10 years ago, at the age of 84, Mum is still fine, at the age of 94. Let me know if you would like her email address, she is still totally with it, but hates spam. I have not got her into blogging yet!
Anyway, I arrived back in England at the age of 5 , and ever since then I wanted to return. I did it 4 years ago for 3 weeks or so. I saw more than my mum did in her 4 years there! But 3 weeks is not enough, so I am coming back for 6 weeks.
Wherever I go I like to meet the engineers, so if you are in Australia and working with process automation, please contact me, to chat or for a fee I can do a great S88 tutorial.
I look forward to meeting you Oz

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