Thursday, 28 August 2008

Part 1 update latest.

According to the latest Posting on the Part 5 blog, S88 part 1 has now been made 'Stronger' and has resolved all the outstanding comments except for one
The committee is alleged to be feeling confident it can be ready for the whole ISA88 committee before the year is out.
Apparently, the latest face2face had some of the original framers of the approved ISA88.00.01 standard present and the group worked well together in clarification of several contentious parts of the standard, creating what all felt was a greatly improved document that is easier to understand.
Sorry, but from this side of the Atlantic Ocean I beg to differ.
Why? Well, for a start my European contacts are far from sure that the new version improves on the old one. For a start it needs to be made simpler, not more complex.
Many comments were somehow removed from the commenting process, in meetings that were attended by just a few people.
The 'the original framers' were largely not present, some were but most (those from my side of the pond) were not. And let's face it, it all started in Europe, probably with Namur, in Germany.
The blog also states "While there are some in the community who claim the update work is diluting the batch standard to address other industries, I would challenge them to take a good look at the work and identify through constructive comments exactly how this is occurring. As I view the state of the work I only see a stronger “BATCH” standard that is now even more capable of being leveraged in other industries."
Well, In part I hope this blog actually does comment constructively.
I also have no problem and have not had for years in relating the 'batch' S88.01 to continuous and discrete production. There is always a batch, Save the Batch.
What do Y0u think?
PS I would like the Part 5 blog to link to my blog, as I do to theirs.

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