Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Equipment Heavy,Recipe 'Lite'

A friend commented privately about my blog that it is equipment heavy. 

I take that as a compliment, it is my hope that this blog, and my software will help to improve Equipment Control.

I think he also means that the blog is Recipe 'Lite', so it's time to talk more about how I view the Recipe and Procedural side of Control.

I am sure that good equipment control makes recipes simpler. And Recipes Can Be Simple (or Lite). 
And intrinsically I think they are and I think that the S88 originators (and it goes back long before S88) knew that.

A recipe describes how to make stuff given some equipment.

A recipe does not care how to control equipment, it does not even need to define the chemistry, which means that it can be described very easily. And as Part 1 says, a Procedure should be essentially an Ordered Set - or sequence.

It is the sort of thing that operators have done for many decades.

Please readers, when you see anything that claims S88 compliance or benefits or profits or whatever, remember that S88 is not about how to program a control system.

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