Friday, 13 June 2008

A Batch Recipe

Name : A cup of tea:
Version: Typical English
Equipment Requirements
Process Inputs:
Dried Tea Leaves (optionally in 'Bags')
Energy for Heating
2g of leaves per cup
Pre-heat teapot by using a short flush with nearly boiling water.
Put tea in Hot Teapot, then Add boiling water to a teapot.
Stir (optional).
Wait 3* minutes for tea to brew. (*time is a operational/user choice)
Put Milk in Cup - This can be done while the tea is brewing.
Please note - the milk Must be added to the cup Before the Tea!, (This is a Critical Recipe Parameter).
Pour tea into cup.

Slurp it up

Good things found in Vista:
Windows Key the type the name of the application - :

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