Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sequences are not Recipes

I completely disagree with a heck of a lot of what you say part 5 blog.
The latest is
Is that a Sequence or is that a Recipe? The answer is - You say Yes
I say no, in fact I say do not even compare them. To do so undermines the great concept that S88 provides, - separation of Recipes and Equipment.
S88. 01 is not actually about Control, it is about how to describe recipes and the physical equipment they have to run with. The cookbook and the kitchen.
Chop with knife number 42, turn on the power for the cooker, rotate knob 3 to set the temperature on the oven, etc is in the equipment sequence.
Chop the carrots, put in preheated oven is in the recipe.
These are not the same, they interface but are not equivalent.
The formula in a packing machine, just like the temperature of the oven in the recipe and the set point for the mixing tank are local copies of the recipe formula - part of the control recipe and derived from the master recipe.
Your statements on this blog are potentially damaging to the value of S88 Part 1.
Part 1 by the way should be left unchanged, if I had a vote I would vote against the update and for the original.

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