Wednesday, 18 June 2008

S88 Control System Designs

I think that it is a very good idea to use the S88 part 1 models as a framework for a batch (and indeed other) control systems. If you have a reasonable Control System design then it should be possible to use S88.01 Models and Terms to write a fairly precise description of the design.
That does not mean that S88.01 is a design for a control system. And that is clearly stated in the original standard.
Part 5 as it stands appears to be attempting to go into areas (such as a generic model for equipment and control modules) that are explicitly excluded in the introduction to Part 1.
Most worryingly the Part 5 fans are now trying to change Part 1 by introducing their models into Part 1. It is bad idea that would undermine the beauty of Part 1.
Now, Part 5 fans, please understand that I do realise that you may have some very good Control System designs (tho mine may be better) but that is not the point, Part 1 is not at all about designs for Control Systems.
If the objective is have a standard design for re-usable Control System Objects, then it should have a major input from the suppliers just as the development of FieldBus and the like has had.
They are notable by their absense from the Part 5 - where are ABB, Emerson, Yokagawa, Siemens etc. Mostly they are lurking - they are on the mailing lists but rarely take part.

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