Wednesday, 11 June 2008

MS Vista

I make and sell software for Control Engineers to design their systems with. Of course it is Microsoft based, sorry you open source people out there, but MS is so much more productive for me.
I have wondered whether, or even when, it will be feasible to convert ControlDraw to a web served application, like those that Google does. Maybe I could stuff it full of adverts and retire on the revenue, but that is not my intention yet.
My customers, at least those who work sometimes from their new gleaming home PC's are buying Vista machines these days, and I found that some of them could not run CD
So, ControlDraw Ltd bought me a new Laptop with Vista, and in a day the problem was fixed.
However, I have just had 3 black screens in succession, after installing Vista SP1 and Visual Studio 2008. It took a Safe Start then another reboot to get the machine running properly again.
I thought Vista was not supposed to to that. I guess Vista is still Beta- but in reality so is all software. And Standards. They have flaws that get fixed over time. (unlike S88, but that is not fair as S88 is not like that, it does not need fixing)
Vista is nice, but another big flaw is that I cannot get VB6 Service packs to install.
That looks to me like MS forcing up their revenues, I cannot find an excuse for it. I should be able to use my existing development setup, that I have paid them for.
Notwithstanding, I am now playing with the latest and greatest development tools from MS

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Francis said...

In the end I did get VB6 SP6 working and Vista is now quite stable.